How to use GOOGLE alert to optimize your business

How to use GOOGLE alert to optimize your business

Visit Google Alerts and Complete the Form.  At there is a simple form you can fill out to get alerts emailed to you about new results for different search terms.  Start by putting in your company name, selecting “Comprehensive”, “as-it-happens” and your email.

Confirm Your Email.  Google will send an email to the address you used for the alert.  Click on the link in the email to confirm you want the alert.

Repeat for More Alerts.  You can repeat this process to set up additional alerts.  See below for some ideas for different alerts to set up.

Create a Google Account to Manage Your Alerts.  This step is optional, but recommended.  By creating a Google Account you can see all of your alerts on one screen, and can add more alerts, edit your alerts or delete them easily.

Now that you know how to set it up, here are some tips to use Google Alerts like an Expert.

Tips and Tricks to Use Google Alerts Like an Expert

Track Your Company.  I have a Google Alert running for “Urban Culture Media ” so I know when new content is published about our company.  You should too

Track Your Products.  I have alerts set up for “Press Release”.  This is a good way to stay informed about how many bloggers are writing about Urban Culture products.  If you have products with different names than your company, set up alerts for them too.

Track Your Executives. I have alerts set up for “New writers” I can keep tabs on blogs and news articles that mention the Urban Culture Media founders.  You can do the same for your executives.

Use Phrase Search.  If your company, products of executives have more than one word names, you should use phrase search in the alert – just put quotes around the search term and Google will only match on the phrase.  For instance, an alert for “Urban Culture Media” works better with quotes, because without the quotes it would pick up an article with the line “websites with any lines” for instance.

Use Negative Keywords.  Google Alerts will actually track new results for any search terms, including advanced terms.  For instance, there is a Visionary blogger named Shawn Miller, and to keep my email from getting cluttered with results that are about him and not me, I use the search

“ShawnMiller -Urban Culture Media ” as an alert (the other Miller’s blog may be called something different , so using the negative search term excludes almost all of the results about the other Shawn Miller from my alert).

Use Other Advanced Search Terms.  Pretty much any advanced search in Google can also be used as an alert.

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