A Quick Guide To Google My Business And How To List Your Business

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Your business should be on Google My Business: a very useful free digital marketing tool that the data-chomping corporation has provided, for free, for five years. However, Google My Business has generally been overlooked by the small, local businesses who stand to profit from it the most.

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What Google My Business does is to slap that new profile of yours up on the results page when potential customers search for your product or service in your area. This means that instead of a mere list of local suppliers and mis-hits, or your own business’ website listed unspectacularly like any other, they’ll see one of those bright, professional-looking panels, featuring your business name, details, directions, hours, and photos.

This free boost for your business requires surprisingly little work on your part. Initially, you should be able to get it set up in just one session. After that, it needs to be maintained like a social network profile and the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it – but even an hour a week replying to questions and reviews and keeping your details updated should keep it shipshape.

This guide will show you how to get your Google My Business profile up and running in no time.

How to maintain your Google My Business listing

Once it’s set up, it is as important to maintain your Google My Business profile as it is with your Facebook Page.

It’s a community product (although you can become the verified owner), so when folk ask questions anybody can pop up with an answer – thus, it’s important that you get in first.

You can also be proactive by adding status updates and other materials to look busy and to flag up offers and news items.

If this sounds like something you can’t live without, try working through this new step by step guide. It really is one of the easiest high-impact marketing tasks you’ll do today!

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